Monday, March 12, 2007


tenze said...

this is a cool shot sophie... this guy's everywhere

Anonymous said...

The DCC pays these three moronic thugs to paint grey squares everywhere, soon Dunedin will be known as the Grey-Eden bit like "mud-edin" as it was when the city was first inhabited in late 1800's - early 1900's. Pity they can't pay an artist to actually paint something other than grey on the walls. I guess that'd cause too much effort n paper work-resource consent applications and a mound of other red tape and other hurdles/hoops to jump over and through. A tag can remain on a wall as long as it naturaly lasts yet an aesthetiacal design will not see the light of day due to (and my personal favourite) the - what if? That person in their car is looking at it and slams into the car in front of it because they havent realised the lights red - the bitter old man whom doesn't approve and will write letters consistently to the editor at the Otago Decrepid Tabloid - etc etc... What happened to the days where my father would go to the pub after work, down a few pints, smoke some ciggies then drive home and if the kids were still up spank em on the ass and send em to bed? Not now my friends. A lite smack perhaps. And tell me who the fuck is going to uphold and judge exactly where the threshold is between light and hard?
Perhaps I am that bitter old man, aged prematurely from tiptoeing my way over PC absurdness over the last few years.

All this from some grey squares aye? Jesus.
These fools should remember whose generating their wages, you and I.

Nice pik Soph.