Saturday, September 15, 2007


Catapila said...

Wow its, its, ME!!

Anonymous said...

just... why??

optic said...

i think the point of graffiti is to remain anonymous.
your paste up on countdown is comical at best.
sorry mate,im not that way inclined.
im simply above that kind of shit.

niche said...

shit like this is what it's about optic

optic said...

fuck it.

Anonymous said...

lighten up optic. u need to sus out your thorghts.your not to kwl booyy

optic said...

stop busting my balls
if you didnt see the paste up you wouldnt know why it fucked me off.

shit like what niche?

its the internet.

i share my view on shit just like everyone else.

and for the record i wasnt being arrogant when i told that caterpiller guy to look up those sites it was some friendly advice.

because these are words and dont get tones it might appear i was arrogant.

Anonymous said...

i recognise that boy